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Zimbabwe is a world-distinguished African safari destination for its beautiful attractive safari parks and this is what makes a lot of travellers around the world think of this beautiful country to visit and stay in some of the best-depicted and luxurious safari lodges and get a chance of a lifetime to view our astonishing wildlife.

Let us give you a brief of what to expect in Zimbabwe, we start with Hwange National Park one of the large reserves of wildlife in Zimbabwe, the best time to visit is between November and April, and expect also the best accommodations ever in the world within the park. From Hwange we then move to Chizarira National Park, the park is the least known but offers the best game views, rich in the habitat of animals, birds and plants. The Escarpment is the backdrop of the magnificent scenery of Chizarira National Park, the best time to visit is April to November. We then move to Mana pools National Park, most popular for the large population of hippos and elephants and the Nile crocodiles at Long Pool and Chitake Spring. For photography, this is the best place to be. This is not the end of experiencing this beautiful country; we then take you to Nyanga National Park, famous for its green hills and continuing rivers, which make this national park suitable and attractive for outdoors activities and hiking a well preferably for the typical African Safari.

Motobo National Park is another well-worth national park for your time and your money and is one of the world's few places where both white and black Rhinos are found, it is well-identified for Nswatugi Cave and balancing rock formations. This takes us to Matusadona National Park, which is one of the best national parks and provides a wide game view experience and an extended variety of wildlife, not only wildlife experience but expect also excellent hikes and this also leave you with the so-called unforgettable experiences.

This will take our journey to an end, the real magic and well-known attraction of Zimbabwe. The Zambezi National Park is famous for the Victoria Falls, as you are in the park do not ignore the presence of a large group of big mammals, such as Hippos, Crocodiles and Eland.

Zimbabwe is blessed as many other countries and has its unique style of attractions expect to view a lot while you are on Safari.

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